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Mission Statement:
The goal of a professional restoration consultant is to serve as advocate for the stained glass; to protect and preserve its cultural legacy; and to provide assistance to its owners, that its legacy may continue for future generations. 
Why would anyone need to hire a Restoration Consultant for their stained glass windows? Restoring stained glass windows is not an event that occurs every day. Barring natural disasters or manmade calamities, it is something that occurs perhaps every third or fourth generation. It requires someone with considerable knowledge and experience to do this delicate and specialized work. Most owners of stained glass have little to no knowledge about stained glass. Within the stained glass industry in the United States, no widely accepted form of certification or licensing for stained glass studios exists at this point in time. There are no national, state or local mandated standards for studios. Anyone may go into the business and call themselves a “professional.” It is probable that you, the owner, will not know exactly what work is needed and whether that work is being performed correctly. You need an objective voice, someone who knows what to look for and what is needed. You need someone to promote and protect your interests. A consultant is your advocate. He is the voice and steward for you, the client, but first and foremost, he is the primary advocate for the stained glass. What do I need to I look for in a professional Restoration Consultant? The Secretary of the Interior of the United States of America has set specific standards for what constitutes the Qualifications of a Professional Consultant. According to the “Code of Federal Regulations, 36 CFR Part 61” qualified professionals have one or more of the following credentials: • More than two years of full-time experience involving architectural history or restoration architecture, within an academic or professional institution, or • More than two years of full-time experience as a licensed, degreed architect, or • At least one year of graduate study in architectural preservation, American architectural history, preservation planning, or “closely related” fields, and at least one year of professional experience on historic preservation projects. A professional consultant has the credentials and knowledge to meet or exceed those standards. In addition, he has a wealth of experience. He knows the processes and procedures to obtain the quality and longevity of results you are paying for. A professional consultant has specialized training, in-depth knowledge of and experience with the type of work the client needs done. He is well-versed in requirements for federal, state and municipal standards for restoration work. He is trained in the principles and concepts of restoration, and has substantial personal experience in performing such work. You should be able to independently verify his educational credentials, such as having a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation, Art, Art Conservation, or Cultural Heritage Conservation. A professional consultant knows exactly what has to be done and how it is done. A professional consultant has a resume of completed projects, and a list of clientele to whom he can refer you. Many states have Listings of Qualified Professionals and the consultant’s name should appear on several of those. He may also belong to respected organizations within the field. Can I afford a professional consultant? Hiring a professional consultant is a big decision. It has a certain cost, but it is an expense that gives you a return on your investment in the form of savings by seeing that you not only get what you pay for, but that your contract is only for those services you actually need. A professional consultant provides tangible value for services rendered. You are buying assurance that your valuable historic property will be handled with the utmost care and respect, and the specific methods used to restore it will be correct and appropriate. In cases where the consultant is also hired to provide Project Management, he helps ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. What should I expect from a professional Stained Glass Restoration Consultant? A professional consultant will negotiate a formal contract with you for the services you desire. He can provide a number of services, depending upon what your situation requires. These services may include: ● Condition Assessment. This detailed report tells you the actual condition of your stained glass and what it does or doesn’t need. This is critical information you need to know before you begin any restoration project. ● Specifications for Bid Documents. Standards for common residential or commercial glazing are not the same as those for stained glass windows. The consultant knows what the project needs. The specifications he lists will help ensure all bids provide the same type of work so you can better compare prices and quality of services offered. A consultant sets appropriate standards that any professional restoration studio would be expected to achieve. ● Selection of Qualified Contractors. The consultant can assist with selecting a studio whose bid and qualifications demonstrate it is fully capable of the successful performance and completion of your project. ● Restoration Project Management. You can hire the consultant to oversee the restoration work from start to finish so the standards you expect are met. Project oversight helps keep the work progressing on time and on budget. You will receive an affordable, quality job because the consultant, as your official representative and advocate, makes certain you get what you pay for. A Professional Stained Glass Restoration Consultant can provide other services as well: ● Recommendations and Long-range Planning for your stained glass
● Recommendations and Long-range Planning for interior/exterior architectural settings
● Presentations and Lectures
● Specialized Documentation and Reports
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